VB Projects & VB6 Code Samples

The VB projects can help you learn Visual Basic quickly. Download the VB projects and VB6 code samples, and start learning in a practical way. Download the VB6 source code samples to learn new things quickly.

How to open the sample applications? 

The VB projects and sample programs are in .zip format. After downloading, extract them using WinRar, FilZip or other utilities. Then open with VB 2010 or VB6 software.

Contacts Manager - A VB Project
Contacts Manager is a VB project that manages contacts' list. It is connected to MS Access database. You can show, add, edit, delete and search contacts.

This program converts numbers from one numeric base to others. For example, from Binary to Decimal, from Decimal to Binary, from Decimal to Octal and so on. It converts a number from one base to all other numeric bases.

This is a standard calculator program written in VB6. You can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Besides these basic operations, you can calculate percentage and square root.

Copy-Paste Sample

This sample shows you how to use the Clipboard object to perform copy-paste operations in your application. This is an easy example of how you can implement the Clipboard object in your code.

Vertical Scroll Bar Demo
This sample demonstrates how you can use the Vertical Scroll Bar control in your program. It shows messages on a PictureBox and uses the VScrollBar control to scroll down the page.

MDI Demo

This program demonstrates the use of MDI forms which are used to handle Multiple Document Interface applications. Use of MDI forms is very necessary when you're working with a Multiple Document style software project.

The Color Picker program lets you choose a color from the Color Dialog box and get the color code to use it in the color property value to any Visual Basic object's color property.

The File Deleter program deletes any file you want from your hard disk. It provides an easy interface to select a particular file that you want to delete.

The Login system application is an illustration of a login form that you need to use in all the business solutions apps you develop or any other kind of software project. But this program is nothing but a demonstration of a very simple login form with a few lines of code.

In this sample, the car goes towards the tree. This is not a perfect animation of a moving car but a simple Move method program that uses a Timer control.

The Weight Converter application converts from one weight unit to another. The supported wight units are pound, kilogram, gram, carat and ounce. When the user types in the text field, the converted value is displayed at the same time utilizing the Change event procedure.

The colors popup sample shows you how to use the popup menu in your project. The popup menu comes when you right-click on the form.

The Student Details sample shows you the use of UDT structure, i.e User Defined Data Type.

The Matrix Addition program shows you the application of array, a multidimensional array in this example.

This sample shows you the usage of Randomize sub-procedure and Rnd function in order to generate random numbers within a range that you specify.

This is a standard stopwatch application having the Start, Pause and Reset facilities. This is again an application of the Timer control and in addition, the demonstration of Format function

This is an example of digital clock having the Start and Pause buttons. AM/PM is displayed alongside the time

This is the Timer control example. This program, targeted to the beginners, can be used to quickly learn about the Timer control.

The Photo Viewer program opens photo files from your computer. You can access and browse your photo gallery stored on your hard disk directly from the application interface.

The length Converter program converts from Inch to Centimeter and vise versa using the Horizontal Scrollbar. This program has been added to help you learn about the scroll bar.

This is an example of a registration window. Though validation techniques have not been applied, this sample is useful for the beginners all the same.

This source code example is a beginner level application that lets you quickly learn about the string functions.

     Example of LostFocus
     ASCII Converter  
     Make Shortcut Key 1 
     Make Shortcut Key 2 
     Mouse Capture 
     Mouse Hove
     Move Example
     Number Length 
     Password Check 
     Option Button Example 
     Format Text 
     Restaurant Order 1 
     OS Choice  
     Restaurant Order 2 
     Image Show
     InputBox & MsgBox 1 
     InputBox & MsgBox2 
     Output with PictureBox 
     If-Then statement 
     If-Else statement 
     largest Number 
     Word Length 
     Grade Program
     Form Design 
     Password program 
     Tool Tip Text  
     Text Display 1 
     Text Display 2 
     Default & Cancel Key 
     Sum Calculator 

Easy VB6 samples
     Your First Visual Basic Program 
     Example of MouseMove  
     Example of MouseDown & MouseUp 
     Example of Got Focus Event 
     Using Option Explicit statement 
     General Declaration 
     Clicks Counter 
     Set Properties