Number System Converter in VB6

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Number System Converter as the name suggests converts numbers from one numeric base to another. The numbers can be categorized into 4 types according to their bases. They are decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal. Each type of them has its own application. Well, that's another context. But for the sake of information, decimal numbers are those which we generally need while doing calculations, and use them in our daily life to count, measure and calculate. The binary number system has its full application in digital electronics while the octal and hexadecimal number systems have their applications in computer networks and other technologies. 

If you have studied Computer Science, you must have studied number system. This is the very fundamental topic of Digital Electronics and Computer Science. There are some specific ways by which you can convert a number from one base to another. For example, say, you can convert a decimal number to its binary equivalent using the mathematical rules. You can implement these mathematical rules in the program logic that will enable you to easily convert a number from one base to others in just seconds. 

Why Number System Converter?

While doing maths, solving Physics problems, and many other situations are there where you need a calculator to solve the problem. Similarly, there are situations where a computer science student, a electronics student or an engineer has to perform number system conversions very frequently. So the Number System Calculator can be pretty helpful in those situations.

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