Contacts Manager Project in Visual Basic 2010

This blog post describes the Contacts Manager project that is developed using Visual Basic 2010 with MS Access 2007 database. You may call it Address Book or Phone Book application. I have named it Contacts Manager, though.

Download the project: Download

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Features of the Contacts Manager project

I'm going to describe the important features of this project in short. Following are the major features of this sample.

Graphical User-Interface

Using Visual Basic 2010, you can create the graphical user-interface almost effortlessly with the help of the IDE tools and controls. If you develop a software using VB 2010, your application will look more modern than those that are developed using Visual Basic 6 or other earlier versions of Visual Basic. The Contacts Manager sample has a nice and easy interface. The excellent design of this interface makes the program very, very user-friendly.

Functional features

Among the functional features, consider the following ones.
  • Show: When you right-click on a contact, you get the show menu that displays the contact's information in a separate dialog box.
  • Search: If type in the search box, the desired contact will be shown immediately.
  • Add: The add button takes you to the 'Add a new contact' window. It lets you add a new contact to the contacts list in the Contacts Manager application.
  • Edit: The edit button takes you to the 'Edit' window, where you can edit the contact details and update it.
  • Delete: The delete button deletes the selected contact(s).
  • Validation: When you add a new contact to the contacts list or when you edit an existing contact, the Contacts Manager application performs all the necessary operations for you, so that you do not make an invalid entry to the contacts list. For instance, while inputting the mobile no., if you enter character strings instead of numeric digits, an error message will be shown. And the contact cannot be added or updated unless you make a valid field entry in the add/edit forms.


This application is user-friendly for the following reasons:
  • Quick search: When you type a name, the search is performed instantly, and the contact details are shown immediately. You don't need to press any search button to perform the search operation. It saves both time and effort to the end-user.
  • Multiple selections: You can perform multiple selections on the contacts list so that you can delete multiple contacts in a single effort. When you need to delete multiple contacts, deleting one by one is very time-consuming. So this feature lets you select multiple contacts and delete them.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: If you press the delete button, the selected contacts are deleted.
  • Popup: When you right-click on a contact, a popup menu appears that contains the menus 'show', 'edit' and 'delete'.

So these are the features in short. You can add more features and improve the application to a great extent.

One major drawback of the Contacts Manager application is that it requires the .NET framework 3.5 on the target machine. Otherwise, it cannot be installed.