Calculator Application in VB6

A calculator program is very interesting because this is fully practical. There are different types of calculator programs installed on different devices such as PC, tablet, mobile and even on the Internet. So this is so exciting to make a calculator program of your own with your own features. 

Once you can make a simple calculator program, you can enhance the program in several ways. Consider these aspects for the improvement -graphical, functional and user-friendliness to name a few. You can use modern UI. There are many ways to implement modern user-interfaces. All the ways are the advanced level techniques though. One way is to design your own activeX control in Visual Basic 6. You have to choose the "ActiveX control" from the Visual Basic IDE for activeX programming. Next, you can improve the functional part. For instance, you can add some new features. Besides adding functional features, you can make the program in such a way so that the end-users of this application can use the calculator with lesser efforts. To give some hints, you can add many useful keyboard shortcuts. Plus giving the user the way to do a particular thing in a simpler way so that the task is performed in fewer mouse clicks and keystrokes. Thus you'll be able to make it more user-friendly.

This sample program has less features, less flexibilities and above all it is less user-friendly. The user-interface is not even attractive. The purpose of this sample program is just to show you how you can make such program on your own. Adding features and enhancing the software is your task (you can say "home-task"). So make one after learning from this. 

Download the program here: >> DOWNLOAD