Vbtutes.com is a resource center for Visual Basic, where every day thousands of people from around the world come to learn Visual Basic. 


Vbtutes.com contains the following sections. They are described as follows.
  1. Visual Basic 6 tutorials: This is a series of lessons, where the concepts are explained using code examples, screenshots and downloadable code samples.
  2. Visual Basic 6 code samples: This section contains Visual Basic 6 code samples that you can download. The code samples are explained in easy English.
  3. Visual Basic 2010 samples: This section contains Visual Basic 2010 samples. The samples are downloadable.
  4. BlogThe blog section includes articles about programming tips, general facts, frequently asked questions and answers, and so on.


The main features of this learning platform are explained below.

  1. Simplicity: Simplicity is the primary feature of Vbtutes.com. As many non-native English speakers come here, the tutorials have been made simple, concise, straight-forward and easy-to-understand. All the tutorials and articles are in easy English.
  2. Examples: Examples have been included wherever necessary, because examples make a complex topic simple. Code examples help a learner to quickly understand the concept.
  3. Code samples: Downloadable code samples are attached to the tutorial pages. Code samples are very useful, because they enable practical learning. 
  4. Informative posts: The contents are rich in information. This is why, you can use Vbtutes.com as a quick reference too.