An Overview of VB6 Controls

Before getting into the actual programming work, you need to have an overview of the VB controls. In this lesson, a very short description of each of the controls has been given.

Contains all the vb controls




The label control is used to display text. It is also used to label other controls. The end user cannot edit the label text.


The TextBox control contains characters. End-users can edit the characters contained in the TextBox.


The CommandButton control is simply a button that we see in our daily-use software. When the end-user clicks the CommandButton, the program behaves according to the code assigned in the CommonButton. 

Option Button

This control enables the end-user to select one among several options. Only one option button among others in a group can be on at the same time. You can name an option using the Caption property.


The CheckBox control is used to make a yes/no or true-false selection.  You can check more than one CheckBox at the same time that let you make multiple choices. You can label this control using the Caption property.

VscrollBar & HscrollBar

VscrollBar and HscrollBar controls let you create Vertical scroll bar and Horizontal scroll bar respectively.



The Frame control is used as a container of other controls. This is also used to group different controls especially in Option Button controls when you wish to select more than one option. The Caption property associated with it is useful to label the frame.

PictureBox & Image

These controls are used to display images (e.g company logo). The supported picture formats are BMP, DIB (bitmap), ICO (icon), CUR (cursor), WMF (metafile), EMF (enhanced metafile), GIF and JPEG. But PNG format is not supported.


ListBox & ComboBox 

The ListBox control contains a number of items. The user can select one or more items from the list.
The comboBox control has the feature of ListBox and TextBox. This control does not support multiple selections.


DriveListBox, DirListBox & FileListBox

These controls are often used together to perform file related tasks like opening or selecting files that are stored in the secondary memory.


The Timer control is not visible on the form when you run the program. It is used to execute lines of code repeatedly at specific intervals.


Shape & Line

These controls do not raise events. Shape and Line are used to draw line, rectangle, circle etc on the form.


The Data Control

The Data control is used for database programming.

OLE(Object Linking & Embedding)

You can connect other programs to your application that you have developed.

Apart from them, there are many other controls provided by the Visual Basic language which will be discussed in the appropriate chapters. You can add external ActiveX controls that will enhance the interface and functionality of your program.